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Guillemette   &   Jean - Paul VINCENT

391  route des Brouilly   -   F.  69220   Saint - Lager



This 12 hectare family vineyard is situated in Saint-Lager in the middle of the Beaujolais and produces 3 different Beaujolais wines: 0.5 ha of Beaujolais, 5 ha of Brouilly, 6.5 ha of Côte de Brouilly.


The vineyard is cultivated in a traditional way. Chemicals and fertilisers are used in small amount in order to limit the environmental impact.

The Beaujolais vinification is still used. The grapes are harvested manually in whole bunches. The length on vinification depends on the kind on wine (i.e. Beaujolais, Brouilly, Côte de Brouilly). The winemaker meticulously control the natural process of fermentation.
manual harvest, thanks to all our wakers !!!!
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